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Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Gold Mines & Gold Panning by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Lode Gold and Placer Mining by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

BC Gold - Mining Properties for Sale
Vancouver Island
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placer gold claims for sale placer gold claims for sale placer gold claims for sale Placer Gold Claim for Sale
Placer Gold Claim for Sale Placer Gold Claim for Sale

 Ad #:304
 Market Status: Unsold/Available
 Listing Type: For Sale
 Price: $8,000
 Category:Gold claims and placer mines for sale
 Locality:Vancouver Island


$8,000 for 100%


The property consists of BC placer tenure 1093379 (64.16 hectares / 158.54 acres) and 1093523 (21.39 hectares / 52.85 acres). The property is located ~11 km southeast of Port Renfrew. Access is via Highway 14 from Victoria to Loss Creek Provincial Park, then by gravel road approximately 6 km northeast up the Sombrio River. There is a gravel road up the Sombrio River valley that terminates in a quarry (at UTM coordinates: 10U 406450 East, 5374780 North) approximately 1.0 kilometer from the south border of the claims (at UTM coordinates: 406750 East, 5375650 North). An old roadbed exists from the quarry and passes the length of the claims.


Gold has been noted in the vicinity since 1792, when the Spaniards first reported finding it. Clapp (1912) and the B.C. Geological Survey (2007) report that placer deposits in the area were worked for gold from about 1900 to 1930. These deposits appear to be between the mouth of the Sombrio River and Loss Creek, in the area of Sombrio Point. The claims are upstream from these placers along the Sombrio River. Various parts of these Sombrio Point placers were worked again in the 1970s and 1980s by several companies, including Armside Mining Company Ltd., Triangle Ventures Ltd., and Nuspar Resources Ltd. (Whittles, 1973; Loring and Whittles, 1974; Walmsley, 1979; Sherwin, 1980; Kamil, 1982; Ulrich et al., 1984).

This portion of Vancouver Island is dominated by Tertiary and Cretaceous metasediments and volcanic rocks cut by several major east-west thrust faults. The Sombrio claim group is underlain by the Triassic to Cretaceous Leech River Formation, a succession of metagraywacke, meta-arkose, and felsic schist. The Loss Creek claims straddle the Leech River Fault, a major east-west-trending thrust fault that places the older Leech River Formation on top of the Eocene Metchosin volcanics, which consist of basalt flows and schistose metavolcanics (GSC, 1982).

As reported by Alley and Chatwin (1979), southern Vancouver Island saw glaciation between 13,000 and 19,000 years before present, with ice up to 1,200 m flowing south-southwest over the site of both properties. This glaciation left a variety of unconsolidated surficial glacial deposits, among them lacustrine sediments in Loss Creek laid down in an ice-dammed lake, and apparent deltaic deposits near Sombrio Point resulting from glacial runoff.

The B.C. Geologic Survey (2007) reports that placer gold at Sombrio Point is likely "the remains of a glacial delta deposited by glacial and postglacial rivers that drained westward through the Leech River valley. The east side of the delta is cut by Loss Creek, and the west side, up to 3 kilometers away, by the Sombrio River." This report also states that gold in these sediments may have originated from quartz veins in the Leech River Formation.


Warning - This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

Asking $8000 for 100%. Financing is available with $1000 down, no credit checks. A 10% discount is available to seniors, veterans, military and Emergency Service workers.


Please reply to this ad or contact us directly for more information, including pictures and maps:

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