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Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Gold Mines & Gold Panning by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Lode Gold and Placer Mining by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

BC Gold - Mining Properties for Sale
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GALENA CREEK Placer Gold Claim $2000
 Ad #:312
 Market Status: Unsold/Available
 Listing Type: For Sale
 Price: $3,000
 Category:Gold claims and placer mines for sale

GALENA CREEK Placer Gold Claim $2000

BC Placer Claim 1096566. 20.86 hectares / 51.54 acres. The property is ~1 kilometres northeast of the confluence of Siwash and Galena creeks and 38.5 kilometres northeast of Princeton. The claim centre is approximately at latitude 49.789261° longitude -120.322944°.

The property is underlain by the Amanda Showing:


Placer Gold Mineralization locally is described here (Minfile 092HNE290):

The gold-bearing placer deposits of Siwash Creek tend to occur in the creek bed and in benches and terraces adjacent to the creek that may represent old-channel remnants. The gravels comprising these deposits appear to be of glacial origin. The coarse gold found in these gravels is rough-edged and erratic in distribution.

Production of placer gold has occurred intermittently along the creek since the early 1900s. Most of this production has been confined to benches above the creek bed. One operation worked by L.J. Cole and T.C. McAlpine in 1933, was located about 11 kilometres above the creek's mouth. This hydraulic operation was situated atop a bench 3 metres above the creek, on its west side, and is reported to have recovered 3.5 grams of gold per cubic metre (Minister of Mines Annual Report 1933, page 175). Colours of gold are reported to have been observed in numerous cuts and pits excavated farther north, between Tepee and Galena creeks.

From the paperback “Goldpanning Southwestern  & Vancouver Island, J. Lewis and C. Hart, 1998:

“Several other benches border Siwash along its course, ranging from 10 to 50 feet above creek level. These appear to be old channel remnants that contain a considerable yardage of high-value gravels. Numerous test pits and open cuts dug to sample between Tepee and Galena creeks (and northward from there) all produced gold in testing operations.”.

Warning- This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

Asking $2000 for 100%. Financing is available, no credit checks. 10% discount for seniors, veterans, military.

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Tel (250) 999-1221

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